LIVE Fishing Room: MONTHLY Subscription

$500.00 / month

I provide the trade ideas and trading environment to teach high probability trading setups and the strategic technical analysis that supports them. I also post my real-time/actual trades and provide trade analysis at members’ request!

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How this works: Here’s your opportunity to shadow me as I actively forecast and chase each trading day. Each morning I post my LIVE Weather Report for the Day along with Chase, Swing and Trend trade watch lists, set-ups and results! I regularly post my catch, share fishing stories, and I’m not afraid to make open water calls!

LIVE Trading Room Members: Once activated, you can Log in to the Member section of and select the “LIVE Trading Room” sub-menu item. You will see your “LIVE Fishing Room Access Link” to join the Trading Room 9:00-4:00 ET each trading day. The room is LIVE so you can access whenever you want but please note: The Trading Room link is different each day and you will only be given access via this Live Trading Room page as long as your Fishing Club Membership is in good standing. Archives of our fishing excursions/video replays are available for monthly subscribers.

Includes Gone Fishing Newsletter:  The monthly subscription to the Live Fishing Trading Room includes a full subscription to my weekend Gone Fishing Newsletter.  This is where I cull together my best swing trade ideas and set-ups using my Top-Down Trading Approach to Risk Management: from Thesis to Timeframe, Trigger to Trade Set-up, and ultimately to Tally up the results.

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